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A quiet week on the training plan…just what I needed.

This week has been a recovery week on my plan after last weekend’s marathon. Post marathon I celebrated by having my first Pfizer vaccine. They’d just started vaccinating the over 40s last week in Cardiff. This week it’s under 40s as well, which is great to see.

I definitely have appreciated the more restful week. I’m very glad I amended my plan to write in more recovery time. It’s helped me feel fitter and have more energy when I come to my next session.

Instead of my weights session I switched it out for some runner’s yoga with Adriene. I did still do my glute exercises, although the smallest decided that it was the ideal time to use me as a horse! Ahh the joys of being four!

I only had one week day run on the plan this week, a short three miles, and then two one hour runs, which I changed to 10k runs as I run 10k in just over the hour.

What surprised me is how good my legs felt on Thursday when I ran. Yes, I took it slow but I was expecting to feel really stiff and I wasn’t.

I have really noticed this week that, because I don’t warm up, it takes between two and three miles to really find my stride and get into a steady pace. Once I’m there though I feel I can keep going and going.

On Saturday I had a lovely run with Gruby heading into Bute Park and finding some of the trails.

Today I headed out on my own for another 10k in the sun. I’ve bought a new Decathlon 10 litre hydration vest and I’ve been debating whether to keep it or whether to get something else. My friend has it and it was a lot cheaper than a number of the other vests and back packs on the market at the moment. I didn’t want to spend a fortune as post this ultra I’m not really sure what my running plans are and I also need to get some all terrain trainers so I need to spread the cost. The vest featured in a Runner’s World review as the best budget vest as well.

You can just about see the vest here

When I tried it on in the week it felt like it was rubbing at the back of my neck, which concerned me. The idea of it rubbing across the whole 40 miles of the race just felt horrifying. I tried it on again this morning wearing my full running kit. With a running t-shirt on it felt less likely to rub so I bit the bullet and cut the labels off and took it for a spin.

In terms of comfort it was good. I didn’t feel it shifting around and could tighten up the straps to suit my shape. I love that it has so many pockets at the front, for me that was a big selling point. I don’t want to be having to stop all the time to dig something out the back of my bag. I like things to be on hand so I can keep moving.

I have to say the downside is that my back was very sweaty afterwards, but it was warm outside so that will have definitely made me hotter. I’m planning on sticking with this one and getting some more training in with it as I think it’ll be fine for the race and I can hold all my bits and pieces in it.

My run today took me along one of the disused docks in Cardiff. With all the development going on its easy to forget that it was major port. I also bumped into Shelley who was on a visit to Cardiff and sometimes runs with us at She Runs Cardiff, back when we used to be able to run together anyway.

Today’s run also took me over the 100k for April mark. I’m not sure how close I’ll get to 200k, but I reckon it’ll be fairly close.

Next week starts ramping up again. In addition to the usual strength session I’ve got a speed session, a seven miles easy run and two runs in the weekend. One is an hour the other is three hours. I’m planning on heading out onto the Coast Path with a friend to get a but more experience and I’m really looking forward to it.

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