Week 13 – mid week training

Strength training

FOUND…Gertrude my left glute. She decided to pop up to shyly say hello this morning after multiple single leg strength exercises.

I’ve done a bit of reading and in order to strengthen my glutes it’s best to do more single leg exercises so the muscle has to work rather than dual leg work like squats where the weaker muscle will let the stronger one take the strain.

I focused on single leg squats and split squats and then added a longer core set to the end rather than doing lots of squats which is what I’d normally do. I could definitely feel my glutes activating almy right glute is definitely stronger than my left.

The clock change also meant no gatecrashers either.

Easy midweek miles

An easy 10k this week, although I’m trying to add in some more hills to these runs, so not that easy in some places.

I had to stop to take a picture of the Garth, you can see it from most of north Cardiff. Every time I look at it I can’t help but feel pride that I’ve run up it. Small steps will take you far.

Speed session HER Virtual 5k

So…I ditched this week’s speed session. It was my birthday and I just didn’t fancy it but I’ve signed up for the Run Wales/ Runderwear HER Virtual decided I’d run that instead.

I thoroughly enjoyed my run and taking in everything around me rather than focusing on a set session. I know the speed and hill sessions are good for me but sometimes you’ve got to ditch them and just run some miles instead.

I’ll follow up with my weekend runs in another post as there’s more to write on those.

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