Time to make some changes

I’m almost at the half way point in my training plan and after the biggest weekend I’ve ever had in terms of miles I’m going back to the drawing board. My feet are still a little sore on top and I’ve started to wonder whether I am overloading in terms of training and if I’d be better off taking my foot off the pedal slightly. The last thing I want to do is to end up injured and not being able to run the race. Better to be slightly under prepared and fit, then over prepared and injured.

With that in mind I’ve still done my workouts this week but I’ve made some changes.

Strength training

In terms of my strength training I kept the weights lighter for my calve raises as they were really tight still, even with using my foam roller. I read an article about how tight calves could be causing the issue with my feet, that coupled with my laces being too tight, thank you Dr Google. So I’ve tried to be mindful of that when I’ve been exercising but also throughout the day as I tend to sit still for long periods of time.

For the rest of my strength exercises I went back to where I was in terms of the weights I was lifting. They all felt ok and I made sure that I went out for a walk at lunchtime so that I could stretch everything out as well.

I had some company during my weights session as well as my youngest was up and wanted to join in. The weights he’s got are 1.5kgs each!

Joined by my youngest

Easy run Wednesday

Yesterday in the original version of my plan I should have been running eight miles. I decided I’d do seven instead as I didn’t want to make my feet worse by overloading but I wanted to get some miles in.

The weather was atrocious so I went out and ran and didn’t stop to take any pictures at all. The first few miles felt really hard going on my legs although my breathing felt fine and like I wasn’t pushing myself. My legs eased up after a while and the run became much more pleasant, well aside from the rain but I live in Wales so its part and parcel of every day life.

Working on my drowned rat look

I needed the headspace so it was good to get my thoughts in order for the day and listen to some music as I wound my way round the city. My feet felt fine after seven miles and I think that’s the most I might do for my week day runs.

Hill session…or not

Today was supposed to be a hill session but the gale force winds and rain meant that I decided I’d do something at home rather than go out as it didn’t really feel safe.

In the end I did a Joe Wicks (or Jon Wicks as my eldest likes to call him) legs and cardio work out as I figured this was as close as I was going to get to a hill session from my living room. My eldest was up early and he did join me for a bit but when my youngest came down as well space was a bit of a premium so I escaped to the dining room to finish up the workout.

I added on a five minute intensive abs work out as well and then some post running yoga with Adriene. I’m hoping the combination of home workout and yoga will all help the situation with my feet as I didn’t wear trainers and the yoga gave a chance to stretch afterwards.

I’m thinking I should include some extra core work in addition to the bits that I do at the end of my strength session as its only five minutes if I do the Joe Wicks YouTube workout and it may help me in terms of core stability for the long runs.

So what about the weekend…

I’m not sure at the moment is the honest answer. I’ll do my two long runs but actually how far I’ll go I’m still thinking about. My plan originally said 18 miles on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday but I might dial that down to 14 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday.

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