Strength and conditioning training – adding to the challenge

After building some confidence from last week’s session and from the Run Things Zoom evening with Matt Phillips (aka I’m trying to make sure I make the most of my strength training.

I added a couple of extra reps to my goblet squats today so did 10 squats per set rather than eight. I also added in some weighted bridge lifts to strengthen my glutes. Let’s be fair I’m going to need them if I’m climbing as many hills and mountains as I have done so far.

I stuck with the lower weights for my lunges again this week as it feels too soon to be adding weight at the moment.

I’m definitely feeling the effects of the session and I’m going to try to introduce some more incidental exercises in throughout the day (although maybe not today!)

This week is my first cut back week. It’s going to feel really strange not going out and doing a hill or speed session tomorrow. However, it’s a really good opportunity to practice my breathing again.

2 thoughts on “Strength and conditioning training – adding to the challenge

    1. It’s only because it’s in the training plan! Normally I would do hardly anything so it’s been good to have the structure of the plan


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