Today I ran up a mountain!

Today I ran up a mountain!  Well run, walked, hiked up. My watch is saying today’s run was equivalent to 100 flights of stairs so I’m pretty sure I earned a chilled out afternoon today. Or as chilled out as you can get with two young children.

It was really cold out and the pavements were covered in frost and black ice. I slipped over once crossing a road and a lovely lady waited to see if I was ok. Cardiff was much worse for icy patches than out in the countryside. Still, it’s an improvement on the number of slips from last weekend!

I kept to the roads today after last weekend’s debacle. Other than when I was running to the very top of the mountain. The trails were hard underfoot but not slippery although they were very uneven so I took it carefully and walked bit more than I would have normally just to be safe.

The views on my run were absolutely stunning and I’m definitely going to run the route again. It’s amazing to think this is all with a couple of miles of Cardiff city centre.

View across to the Wennalt
At the top of Caerphilly Mountain
With the marker…as proof I got to the top!

I hiked up some of the hills but I probably could have run some of them in hindsight. I’m very cautious about having enough energy to get home.

I was keeping an eye on my heart rate whilst I was out as it often sits really high, even if I feel I’m not exerting myself that much. It’s not always the case and tiredness pre-run definitely has an impact. I tried stopping a few times today to bring my heart rate down. Often if I stop for a few minutes I can bring my heart rate down and it stays down. It did stay down at some points today but kept rising even when I wouldn’t have expected it to.

I think there are a couple of reasons why my heart rate was high today (other than the fact that I ran up a mountain). Firstly, I was listening to music and I do wonder whether that had an impact as I wasn’t listening in to my body. The music did help pass the time though. Having done a little reading (I definitely need to do more!) I think I need to do a proper warm up rather than using my first couple of miles as my warm up. When I say proper warm up I mean a good 10-15 minutes. It might also be that my heart rate was high today because I was really warm. I wore gloves today and they definitely made a difference as to how warm I felt. I’m always wary of being too cold at the start of a run. It might be that because I dress for the start of my run rather than the main part of it that my heart rate rising. More reading is definitely required. I’m not sure whether my heart rate being high is an issue but I’m guessing it’ll make me feel more fatigued as I go on my longer runs and during the ultra so I need to see what I can do to level it out.

I had Radio 1 on BBC Sounds. Isn’t it funny how one song can totally change your mood. I’ve not heard Dizzy Rascal’s Fix Up, Look Sharp in ages and it was just what I needed to hear at mile 10.

In other news I tried a new hydro tablet to replace the Lucozade I normally have. The idea being that a few tablets are easier to transport on race day. The ones I tried today probably were to the wrong ones anyway as they were effervescent but the also tasted horrible. Plus you can only take one day so they won’t work on race day. Back to the drawing board on these and I’ll try to find some different ones for next week’s run.

I’ve got eight miles to run tomorrow. I’ll try to keep it fairly flat and slow and have another go at keeping my heart rate lower.

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