On the Struggle Bus

My easy 6 miles today turned out to be not so easy after all. I spent a good portion of the run on the struggle bus, even after giving myself a good talking to.

Perhaps it was a little naive (that’s happening a lot at the moment) but as the run was 6 miles at an easy pace, which is well within my manageable range, I assumed I’d be able to trot out the miles without a care in the world. Well, other than dealing with the freezing temperatures (it was -2C when I went out).

How wrong I was! The first couple of miles my pace was slow rather than easy and I just couldn’t seem to go any faster. My heart rate was high as well. I put plan B into action and rather than keep an eye on my pace I’d try to keep my heart rate down. Only I couldn’t keep it down either.

I stopped just before half way for the obligatory selfie. Turns out hot hands and cold weather don’t take a good picture!

The rest did me the world of good. My heart rate dropped and didn’t raise too high again for the rest of the run. All of a sudden my pace improved too, even with my lower heart rate.

I’m not sure whether I need to do more of a warm up and this will regulate my heart rate. What happened today isn’t unusual. I often find a stop mid run helps reset everything.

I think there’s a couple of reasons why I struggled today. Possibly the culmination of the past couple of days work outs. I can still feel the donkey kicks from Tuesday.

Also I’m wondering whether I need to eat before I run. At the moment all my weekday workouts are fasted. Mostly as I’m trying to maximise my time sleeping so I tend to roll out of bed and crack on, maybe with a very short warm up or just using the start of my run as the warm up. I’m not sure how sustainable this will be going forward.

I did arrive home to a lovely warm cup of coffee though which was amazing and much needed!

Warming up

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