Virtual Race To The Stones – Day 5

The end is in touching distance now. I could have run twice today and finished but you know what I’d rather run a socially distanced run with my friend on Sunday. If I’d have finished on my own this evening I worry it may have felt like an anti climax. Much better to run and chat with a friend then grab a coffee and cake and reflect on the week.

With that in mind I ran just once today. My evening runs have generally felt much easier than the mornings but today it really took my legs some time to get moving and feel relaxed. I’m not sure if running this morning would have changed that or whether my legs are now just tired and I’d have felt it either way.

I’m not planning on dwelling on it though as I managed to miraculously hammer out a third fastest Strava PR. I’m not even sure how it happened but I’m certainly not complaining. I only moved across to Strava about nine months ago and I do have faster 10k times stored elsewhere but since none of those have been completed after running 81k in the previous four days today’s record is quite an achievement.

I’m taking a break tomorrow so the final installment of the challenge will be on Sunday, where as I said above I shall be enjoying some well earned cake.

If you do have any spare money, I appreciate that in these unusual times that may not be the case, and you’d like to sponsor me that would be absolutely amazing. My Just Giving page is here.



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