Virtual Race To The Stones – Day 1

Today is the first day of the Virtual Race To The Stones. I’m splitting my runs across the day to make it more manageable.

I though I’d share my progress with you to share the joy, and I suspect the pain, as I go through the week. Plus it’ll be a bit of a run journal in case I fancy running an ultra in the future. Let’s be fair this is going one of two ways. Either it’s going to put me off, or more likely I suspect, make me want to challenge and push myself further.

Run 1

I was quite looking forward to going out this morning. I’m not sure I’ll feel the same as I haul myself out of bed later in the week!

I stuck to the plan and had a little to eat before I went and took drinks with me. I’m so glad I did as it was warm out and I didn’t feel dehydrated afterwards. Whilst I was hungry when I got home I didn’t feel rubbish like I did last week. Win win so far.

I’d planned my route out, based on a tweaked version of my route from Friday. It turns my sense of direction isn’t that great as I managed to go wrong a couple of times. Not that it really mattered but it did catch me out. I’m probably going to run the same, or similar, route most mornings, at least on working days. Boring I know but it means I know roughly how long I’ll be out and the route is fairly flat, which is a bonus. I’m working as usual this week so everything is being fitted around that and family life so there’s only so much time I have to run.

By the time I got home everyone was up. Actually the wee one was up before I left! I had no choice but to get back into mum mode straight away. No time to think about niggles or how my run had gone. Whilst I tried to tell the boys about my run neither were interested. Mummy running is the norm. It’s nothing exciting to them. Plus the wee one was more interested in breakfast. Big just wanted to know if the Natural History Museum had found any more dinosaurs beginning with Q. Only to be disappointed that there’s still just one. It’s a Quaesitosaurus in case you’re interested.

Run 2

Once the boys were in bed I threw my kit on as I still needed to get a few miles in before the end of the day.

The only thing about evening running though is that I’m reliant on the boys going to bed nicely. Funnily enough they’re not that keen!

I don’t normally run in the evenings as I prefer to run in the morning. There’s less of a chance of me bailing on a run if I roll out of bed and just do it.

I found running this evening generally easier than first thing so there’s something to think about in terms of how I structure my runs. Do I reduce the morning run and up the evening? Possibly. I’m meeting a friend tomorrow for a socially distanced run so maybe the day after.

The plan today was to run nine miles. I could have stopped at two this evening having completed seven this morning. I got a stitch just as I hit two miles and it would have been easy to throw the towel in for the day and walk home. But my legs felt ok so I pulled up my big girl pants and plodded on.

Four more miles in total this evening rounding my total miles for the day a smidge over 11. 18k to be exact. 18% completed in one day. I’ll take that for day 1.

If you do have any spare money, I appreciate that in these unusual times that may not be the case, and you’d like to sponsor me that would be absolutely amazing. My Just Giving page is here.



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