When training for a race doesn’t go to plan…part 1.

Have you ever got to race day and felt that you’re not as prepared as you wanted to be?

This weekend is the Cardiff Half Marathon and, unsurprisingly from the title of this blog post, my training hasn’t gone to plan.

I thought I’d write this post in two parts. The first being pre-race and the second after the race.

When I entered I was sure I’d be able to beat my last time of 2.05. In fact I confidently put on the form 2 hours. It’s been six years since I last ran a half marathon and in that time I’ve had two children. So perhaps I was a little over confident in my abilities, but truth be told even though two hours would be a push it still felt manageable given how I was running at the time I entered.

Roll on to today and we’re two days off from race day. It’s evident that two hours is totally unrealistic based on my current pace and my run at Castle 2 Castle a month ago.

So, what to do if your training hasn’t gone to plan? Do you still push as hard as you can and see what you can do or do you relax and enjoy the day?

I’m not really sure which camp I’m in yet. I suspect that’ll be the case until race day. Possibly even part way through.

I guess this is where having your plan A, plan B and plan C comes into play. My plan A was to run the half in two hours. My plan B is to complete between 2.10 and 2.15 and plan C is to finish the race regardless of time. I’m hoping plan B is realistic but I think I’ll be to just wait and see on the day what happens.

At the end of it all 13.1 miles is a long way and completing it is an achievement in itself.

Good luck to anyone running the Cardiff Half Marathon or any other this weekend.



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